NRG Metrics provides the most comprehensive benchmarking report. With nearly 150 different metrics we make a detailed comparison of the company with its competitors. Through this, companies can minimize data collection time, increase the credibility of the benchmarking report and significantly reduce costs. In addition, comparative data is provided in the following categories: Board of Directors, Committees, Audit, Compensation, Ownership Structure, Family, CEO Profile, CFO Profile and Diversity. Benchmark the Board of Directors against peers in the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way, using the NRG Metrics Database.


The Directors & Officers Database contains more than 200.000 data records for Board Members and Executive Officers. Using custom filters and criteria, users can find the profile of the candidate they are looking for. The Database with Directors & Officers provides the user with many search possibilities based on age, nationality, past service, studies and more.


Having created a specialized team of analysts with knowledge of Corporate Governance, NRG Metrics is able to offer its clients the highest level of service and reliability in Custom Projects. Work with NRG Metrics to assign our analysts the most specialized custom projects in order to verify the data reliability, the processing speed and the low cost of our services.


By integrating data from the NRG Metrics Database, companies can enhance their information and internal analysis on issues related to Corporate Governance, Compensation, Audit, Ownership, etc. At the same time, they can create more complete and reliable reports, compare their company with the peer group, and enhance their existing processes with reliable data. Data integration can be done easily and in the way that each client wishes (Excel, CSV, etc.).