Gender Diversity

The participation of women in the Boards of Directors of listed companies is an issue that gathers the attention of both the various market players such as Listed Companies, Institutional Investors etc. as well as academic research.
In recent years we have seen that in several countries the legislation provides a certain percentage for the participation of women (Norway, France, Belgium, etc.) while in other countries there are only recommendations.
NRG Metrics will publish each year the development that exists in the presence of women through 3 indicators: a) the percentage of women participating in the Boards, b) the percentage of companies that have a female CEO and c) the percentage of companies that have a female Chair of the Board.
The highest percentage of women on the Board is in Norway, while France, Sweden, Belgium and Italy are still at high levels. In terms of the percentage of companies with women CEOs, Ireland comes first, followed by Singapore, Greece, Italy and Australia. Finally, in terms of the percentage of companies that have a woman as Chair of the Board, the country with the highest percentage is New Zealand, followed by Poland, Austria, South Africa and Sweden.
It is necessary to clarify that these percentages represent the sample of NRG Metrics companies and not necessarily the total number of listed companies in each country.