Frequently Asked Questions

NRG Metrics is an independent research firm that focuses upon corporate governance. We are the leading information provider for corporate governance information and analysis.

All of the raw data in the NRG Metrics database is derived from publicly-available documents such as Annual Reports, company presentations, SEC filings and press releases.

The majority of the data that is derived from Annual Reports and SEC filings is updated annually.

NRG Metrics market coverage is 8.000 companies throughout the world (Europe, North America and Rest of the World) and covers more than 46 countries and 100 stock indexes.

We use multiple criteria in order to select the countries and the companies for our sample. First, we use the FTSE Country Classification (Developed, Advanced Emerging, Secondary Emerging, and Frontier). We cover all the large cap indexes from the Developed and Advanced Emerging countries. Second, we pay special attention to European countries. We provide full coverage in 15 western European countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Greece, Ireland and Spain. Third, we cover the Large, Middle and Small Cap Indexes in USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

We train our staff every year. Our team is very experienced and is the most valuable asset of our company. There is an extra team that supervises the analysts and control the collection procedure. As soon as the collection procedure is completed, we perform random checks to verify the accuracy and consistency of data entry. We select randomly 5% of the sample in each country and we check again the data. NRG Metrics has developed a customised software program that traces all the inconsistencies and errors.

Year ending from June of one year through May of the following year constitute a “data year”. Thus 6/30/X1 and 5/31/X2 are part of the “20X1” data year.

You can connect them through the ISIN number.

We are happy to present our database and spend the time required to assess our data.