NRG Metrics is a Database designed specifically for researchers and particularly for Corporate Governance researchers. Our mission is to be the most comprehensive Corporate Governance Database. We work closely with researchers and strive to improve the content of the Database according to their own needs and desires.

NRG Metrics is the only Database that combines 6 different Datasets (Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure, Directors and Officers, Family Firms, Compensation and Audit) and covers almost all researchers’ needs.

Providing 6 Datasets and nearly 300 variables, Corporate Governance researchers can combine different fields of research through NRG Metrics.

The In-depth analysis of Ownership Structure and the Dataset for Family Firms are two unique variable categories, which are not provided by other Databases. These two Datasets, in combination with the other 4 (Corporate Governance, Directors and Officers, Compensation, Audit) create a complete, unique and comprehensive Database for Corporate Governance matters.

The combination of the very rich content, with the prices offered by NRG Metrics specifically for researchers creates a competitive service package that attracts a large number of universities and researchers.