Our company has only 6 years history in the field. So far we have sold the Database to more than 80
universities (University of Oxford, New York University, University of South Carolina, HEC Montreal,
University of Saint Gallen, University of North Carolina, ESCP, University of Liverpool, etc). You may see
an indicative list of clients in this link 
nrgmetrics and we believe that a
large number of works are due to be published in the coming period. Until now we are aware of 14
published papers and 12 working papers.

Published Papers

  1. Pinelli , Chirico F., De Massis A., and Alessandro Zattoni, (2023). Acquisition Relatedness in Family Firms: Do the Environment and the Institutional Context matter?, Accepted for pubblication in Journal of Management Studies.
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Working Papers

25. Marcin Borsuk, Nicolas Eugster, Paul-Olivier Kleind, Oskar Kowalewski (2023), Family Ownership and Carbon Emissions, IÉSEG Working Paper Series 2023.

26. Flankova S., V. Marano, M. van Essen, R. Aguilera (2022). A Cross-Country Study of the State’s Multifaceted Impact on Greenwashing, Working Paper.

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35. Dupuis, Daniel and Bodolica, Virginia and Spraggon, Martin, Free-Float Liquidity and Trading Constraints: Increasing Informational Efficiency in Family Firms’ Financing Decisions (June 20, 2020). Available at SSRN:

Obviously, there are a lot of other papers that have been submitted to journals but are not available on
the internet in the form of working papers. Because we work with several top Academic Researchers,
particularly in the fields of Ownership Structure and Family Firms, we think it's a matter of time to have a
lot of work that uses our company’s data.

You know firsthand that publishing in top tier journal takes on average 5-7 years. So, it’s not surprising or
anyhow suggestive of low credibility that NRG data are not yet published in top-tier journals. Obviously, a
major advantage that our database offers is the “first mover advantage” thanks to data that other provider
do not supply.