NRG Metrics is created in 2016 from a team of market professionals and academic researchers on the field of corporate governance.

By concentrating the experience and the knowledge from various types of academic backgrounds such as corporate finance, accounting, and management and of course corporate governance, we decided to create an independent corporate governance research firm.

Our goal is to provide accurate data about corporate governance. We strongly believe that the lack of information on corporate governance matters and especially on the field of ownership structure is an important disadvantage. Our goal is to fill this gap.

Our mission is to provide reliable data on corporate governance of listed companies around the world.

In order to build our database we have created an analysis team that collects data from annual reports, SEC filings, corporate governance reports etc.



In those years we managed to create 6 different Datasets (Ownership Structure, Directors and Officers, Family Firms, Compensation and Audit). As a result, we are slowly becoming the most comprehensive database of Academic and University requirements.

Our goal is not just to sell, but to facilitate the research activities of our clients. We follow closely the academic research and keep track of the market while we listen to our customers’ needs and adapt our services to meet them in a timely manner.

NRG Metrics is not a static database. Every year we improve its content, both in terms of sample and in terms of new variables by creating new datasets. So far we have created 6 different datasets: Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure, Directors and Officers, Family Firms, Compensation and Audit.

Our goal is to establish NRG Metrics as the most comprehensive ESG database