Data Collection

Annual Report Collection
The Annual Reports are generally obtained directly from the companies. The appropriate requests are sent to the companies every month, which are based upon various factors including the report dates for previous years, update priority and planned report release date. Upon receipt of the reports, the companies are processed according to their relevant update priority. Based upon our prior experience, we employ the appropriate report for every listed company (Annual Reports, Corporate Governance Report, Financial Statements, Form 20-F, Proxy Statements, Reference Documents, etc.).
Data Entry
Our analysts employ different tools to collect the necessary data from the Annual Reports. Every data collection analyst undergoes a rigorous training programme. Numerous automated and manual error checks furthermore prevent the entry of suspicious data on the system. This procedure usually lasts for 6-7 months every year.
Data control is the third step in the data collection procedure. NRG Metrics has developed a customised software program that traces all the inconsistencies and errors.