Corporate Governance Report

The Corporate Governance Report is a common report for each of the 5.500 companies that we collect data in our database. The reason why we create this report is because we believe that is very important for our customers to see all the information regarding corporate governance for every company. More specifically, the user is able to see the members of the Board of Directors, the characteristics of the board members (age, tenure, other public boards, occupation, classification etc.), the ownership structure (all the large shareholders, the board shareholdings etc.). All this information is difficult to present through an excel file.

The procedure again is very simple.

First the user should choose between Companies Information and Data for statistics. In the field of Companies Information we present the Corporate Governance Report for each company. On the other hand in the field Data for Statistics is the database and the variables.

The next step for the user is to select the country, stock index, industry, super sector, sector, sub sector, year and then to find the companies that is interested in.

Then, the user is able to find all the information regarding the Board of Directors, Audit fees, committees, and the ownership structure.

Finally, the user is able to find or to read all this information in our Corporate Governance Report.