Our target is to provide to our clients an integrated corporate governance and ownership database. We provide through our database more than 100 variables in four broad categories: board of directors, audit, remuneration and ownership.


The user is able to download the data through a very simple procedure. More specifically, in order to obtain the data, the user should follow 4 steps:

1) Time Series or Static Request.
In the first tab the user is able to choose whether the type of the data he needs is for a specific year or for consecutive years.


2) Companies.
In the second tab, the user is able to create his sample. The selection could be based in many criteria: country, industry, super sector, sector, sub sector, stock exchange or stock index. In addition to that, database provides to the user the ability of Advanced Search and also to save the specific request.

3) Variables.
In the third step the user has to select the variables for his sample. In this tab there are four categories: Board, Audit, Remuneration and Ownership.

4) Options.
Finally, in the fourth step, the user has to choose additional data for the companies such as company, name, stock symbol, ISIN number, industry, super sector, sector, subsector, country, listing status and first year of measurement.